Dental emergencies

If you encounter dental emergencies, you can apply the following home remedies to soothe your pain. It is recommended to consult with dentists after your pain is temporarily relieved.

  • When Toothache happens:
    1. Salt and Pepper: Mix equal amounts of pepper and salt with some water to form a paste. Apply it directly on the affected tooth and allow it to sit for a few minutes.
    2. Warm Salt Water: Use a glass of warm salt water. Mix half a teaspoon of common salt in a glass of hot water and use it to rinse your mouth thoroughly. It will help reduce swelling and inflammation, and also fight the bacteria that can cause infection.

  •  When Lip or Tongue is accidentally bitten:
    Clean the area with cloth and apply the area with cold compresses (ice cubes) to reduce the swelling. It is
    recommended that if the bleeding does not stop, go to a clinic/hospital for emergency immediately.

  • When Permanent Tooth is knocked out:
    Do not panic. It can be re-implanted within 30-minutes for the highest chance of success.

    1. Collect teeth or teeth Fragments carefully by touching only the crown, the top part of the tooth. Rinse tooth gently if it’s dirty. Do not scrub, scrape or use alcohol to remove dirt.
    2. Rinse mouth with warm water. If possible, reinsert permanent teeth into the correct socket and hold teeth in place by biting on a gauze pad.
    3. If permanent teeth cannot be reinserted, store them in milk, saline or water. Or you can bathe the tooth with your own saliva by placing them on the inner side of your cheek.
    4. See a dentist immediately for emergency treatment.

  • When Jaw is (possibly) broken:
    Apply cold compresses to control swelling. Go to dentist immediately for emergency